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GF syringe filter


Microlab Scientific offers Glass fiber syringe filter is designed for clarification of extremely viscous samples that may clog a membrane filter is not necessary. Moreover, this product has a high contamination loading ability for high throughputs.
The three-dimensional filter surface provides a much greater intake capacity for contaminating particles than is the case with two-dimensional membranes. The Glass Fiber is inert to solvents, acids and bases.
GF preliminary filter is available in various filter diameters and pore sizes, with and without preliminary filter and as a sterile version



• 100% borosilicate glass microfiber
• High Temperature compatibility
• High protein binding
• Broad Chemical Compatibility



Prefilter viscous serum and tissue media samples prior to analysis
• Filtration of cell media separations prior to sterilization
• Clarify dirt particulates-laden samples
• High dirty loading contamination capacity


Technical Parameter 

Parameters  13mm  25mm  33mm 
Membrane material/Housing Material   Glass Fiber/PP 
Wettability Hydrophobic
Filtration area (cm2) Filter diameter (mm)  0.92  2.98  4.9
Inlet/Outlet  Female luer lock/Male luer silp  
Normal Pore Size(μm)  0.45 1 0.45 1 0.45 1
Holdup volume (μl)  <10  <50  <100 0000000
Sample volume (ml)  <10  <80  <120 
Maximum Operating Temperature  180°C  180°C  180°C 
Maximum Operating Pressure (psi)  >87  >87 >87 
Applicable pH value  1-14 1-14 1-14


Order Informations

Part No.  Description  Packing                       
S13GF070C  Nonsterile Chromfil GF Syringe Filter, 13mm, 0.7um 100pcs/pk  Aak for quote 
S13GF100C   Nonsterile Chromfil GF Syringe Filter, 13mm, 1.0um  100pcs/pk  Aak for quote
S25GF070C  Nonsterile Chromfil GF Syringe Filter, 25mm, 0.7um  100pcs/pk  Aak for quote
S25GF100C Nonsterile Chromfil GF Syringe Filter, 25mm, 1.0um  100pcs/pk  Aak for quote
S33GF070M  Nonsterile Microfil GF Syringe Filter, 33mm, 0.7um 100pcs/pk  Aak for quote
S33GF100M Nonsterile Microfil GF Syringe Filter, 33mm, 1.0um 100pcs/pk  Aak for quote

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