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Membrane Guide
Microlab Scientific supplied the Membrane Filters with an accurately controlled pore size distribution and higher strength and flexibility, which ensure reproducibility and consistency.
Microlab Scientific offers membrane discs in diameters from 13mm to 293mm and materials including Nylon, PES,PVDF,PTFE,MCE,CA,PP and so on..

Membrane Specifications Chart

Membrane Pore Size Range
Diameter Range
Surface Colors Surface Type
Sterile Or Not
MCE (Nitrocellulose) 0.1 - 5.0 13-293   Nonsterile or Sterile
CA(Cellulose Acetate) 0.2 - 5.0 13-293   Nonsterile
PES(Polyethersulfone) 0.1-1.0 13-142   Nonsterile
Hydrophilic PTFE 0.1-1.0 13-142   Nonsterile
Hydrophobic PTFE 0.1-5.0 13-142   Nonsterile
PP(polypropylene) 0.2-10 13-293   Nonsterile
Nylon(polyamide) 0.1-5.0 13-293   Nonsterile
PVDF(Polyvinylidene Fluoride) 0.2-5.0 13-142   Nonsterile

Membrane Filter Selection Guide


Microlab Scientifics Chemical Compatibility Chart will help you to choose the right membrane Filter for your application.

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