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PES membrane filter
Product Description

Microlab PES membrane is a highly microporous membrane composed of modified polyethersulfone that is a tough, durable, and temperature-resistant aromatic polymer.
Microlab PES membrane provides high flow rate, low extractables and greater mechanical strength than competitive membranes. This membrane is specifically designed for biological, analytical, electronic, pharmaceutical, beverage, and sterilizing filtration applications.

•    Bacterial removal
•    Biosensors
•    HPLC flowing particle removal
•    Drug filtration
•    Organic solvents filtration    •    IV filters
•    Lateral flow assays
•    Particulate removal

Products Feature

A naturally hydrophilic membrane, Microlab PES Membrane does not require wetting agents that can interfere with biological processes. Additionally, its high surface area successfully immobilizes antigens, antibodies and other proteins. The resulting membrane has a void volume of 70-85 percent for high diffusion and low-flow resistance.

Product Specification

Sterilization Gamma Irradiation or Ethylene Oxide (EtO)
USP Class VI Testing Passed
Thickness 120 ±10µm
Extractables <1% - Boiling Water
Pore Size Range 0.1 to 8.0 µm
Maximum Operating Temperature 100° C
Sealing Compatibility Ultrasonic, Heat, Radio Frequency and Insert Molding
Pore Size(µm) 0.1 0.2 0.45
Minimum Bubble Point, psi (kg/cm²) 80(5.6) 49(3.4) 38(2.8)
Typical Flow Rate,mL/min/cm²@10psi(0.7 kg/cm²) 6 12 30

For Additional Information For all your OEM specific applications, Microlab has the product breadth and flexibility to meet your needs, as well as the quality standards to help ensure your success. Contact us to discuss application requirements, request free product samples and order products.

Order Information

Cata No. Description PackagePcs/Pk
M13PES022 PES Membrane Filter, Pore:0.22(μm), Diameter:13(mm) 400
M25PES022 PES Membrane Filter, Pore:0.22(μm), Diameter:25(mm) 200
M47PES022 PES Membrane Filter, Pore:0.22(μm), Diameter:47(mm) 100
M90PES022 PES Membrane Filter, Pore:0.22(μm), Diameter:90(mm) 100
M142PES022 PES Membrane Filter, Pore:0.22(μm), Diameter:142(mm) 50
M13PES045 PES Membrane Filter, Pore:0.45(μm), Diameter:13(mm) 400
M25PES045 PES Membrane Filter, Pore:0.45(μm), Diameter:25(mm) 200
M47PES045 PES Membrane Filter, Pore:0.45(μm), Diameter:47(mm) 100
M90PES045 PES Membrane Filter, Pore:0.45(μm), Diameter:90(mm) 100
M142PES045 PES Membrane Filter, Pore:0.45(μm), Diameter:142(mm) 50
M13PES010 PES Membrane Filter, Pore:0.1(μm), Diameter:13(mm) 400
M25PES010 PES Membrane Filter, Pore:0.1(μm), Diameter:25(mm) 200
M47PES010 PES Membrane Filter, Pore: 0.1(μm), Diameter: 47(mm) 100
M090PES010 PES Membrane Filter, Pore:0.1(μm), Diameter:90(mm) 100

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