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PP Membrane Filter
Product Description

MICROLAB polypropylene membranes are best suited for industrial processes such as gas filtration, chemical processes and photo-resist production as well as for application in the automotive industry. Since polypropylene is a pure hydrocarbon material, there are no disposal problems relating to halogen content with PP membrane in contrast with other hydrophobic membranes such as PVDF or PTFE


•    Aqueous and organic solvent filtration
•    HPLC Solvent and Sample Filtration
•    Lon chromatography
•    Gas filtration
•    Photo-resist production

Products Feature

MICROLAB PP membrane is available in rolls up to 310 mm wide, as well as sheets, cut discs that can be customized to meet your application and size requirements. Because the MICROLAB PP membrane is manufactured on-site in MICROLAB facilities, all customization is easy and cost-effective

Performance Specifications

Pore Size 0.10µm 0.22µm 0.45µm
IPA Minimum Bubble Point, psi (kg/cm²) 30(2) 12(0.8) 3.0(0.2)
mL/min/cm²@bar 2.5 8.5 -----

For Additional Information For all your OEM specific applications, MICROLAB has the product breadth and flexibility to meet your needs, as well as the quality standards to help ensure your success. Contact us to discuss application requirements, request free product samples and order products.

Order information

Cata No. Description PackagePcs/Pk
M25PP022 PP Membrane Filter, Pore:0.22(μm), Diameter:25(mm) 200
M47PP022 PP Membrane Filter, Pore:0.22(μm), Diameter:47(mm) 100
M90PP022 PP Membrane Filter, Pore:0.22(μm), Diameter:90(mm) 100
M142PP022 PP Membrane Filter, Pore:0.22(μm), Diameter:142(mm) 50
M293PP022 PP Membrane Filter, Pore:0.22(μm), Diameter:293(mm) 25
M25PP045 PP Membrane Filter, Pore:0.45(μm), Diameter:25(mm) 200
M47PP045 PP Membrane Filter, Pore:0.45(μm), Diameter:47(mm) 100
M90PP045 PP Membrane Filter, Pore:0.45(μm), Diameter:90(mm) 100
M142PP045 PP Membrane Filter, Pore:0.45(μm), Diameter:142(mm) 50
M293PP045 PP Membrane Filter, Pore:0.45(μm), Diameter:293(mm) 25

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