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PP Syringe Filter


Microlab Scientific offers PP Syringe filters are purpose-built with features designed to bring the highest levels of performance and purity to your research. PP disposable Syringe filter devices are designed for use with aqueous or organic solutions containing high debris levels and for aggressive, hard-to-filter solutions.


• Hydrophobic membrane
• Wide range of chemical compatibility to organic solvents
• Highly solvent resistant
• Low no-specific absorbing membrane for maximum protein recovery in critical analysis
• HPLC certification which guarantees the filter will not produce extraneous peaks in the UV range
• 100% integrity tested with higher burst strength ratings assuring they will perform as expected every time
• Available in 13, 25mm sizes so that you can pick the size that’s right for your application and minimize precious sample loss
• Wide range pore sizes 0.1um, 0.22um, 0.45um, 0.8um, 1.0um available, especially 0.45um for the most clarification applications and 0.2um when fine particulates removal is required


• HPLC samples containing low solid content
• Cell Culture samples filtration
• Sterile filtration of low volume samples
• Refravtometry
• UV/Vis samples

Technical Data.

Parameters  13mm  25mm  33mm 
Membrane material/Housing Material   PP(polypropylene)/PP  
Wettability  Hydrophilic 
Filtration area (cm2)  0.92 2.98 4.9
Inlet/Outlet  Female luer lock/Male luersilp 
Normal Pore Size(μm)  0.22 0.45 0.22 0.45 0.22 0.45
Holdup volume (μl)  <10  <50  <10 0
Sample volume (ml)  <10  <80  <120 
Maximum Operating Temperature  100°C  100°C  100°C 
Maximum Operating Pressure (psi)  >87  >87 >87 
Applicable pH value  1-14  1-14  1-14 

Order Information 

Part No.  Description  Packing                       
M13PP022  Nonsterile PP Membrane Filter, 13mm, 0.22um  100pcs/pk   Ask for quote
M13PP045  Nonsterile PP Membrane Filter, 13mm, 0.45um 100pcs/pk   Ask for quote
M25PP022  Nonsterile PP Membrane Filter, 25mm, 0.22um  100pcs/pk   Ask for quote
M25PP045  Nonsterile PP Memrbane Filter, 25mm, 0.45um  100pcs/pk   Ask for quote
M47PP022 Nonsterile PP Memrbane Filter, 47mm, 0.22um 100pcs/pk Ask for quote
M47PP045 Nonsterile PP Memrbane Filter,47mm, 0.45um 100pcs/pk Ask for quote
Note:  Microlab Scientific offers Customized Pore Sizes: 0.1μm, 0.80μm, 1.0μm, 3.0μm, 5.0μm. 


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