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SPE Columns


Microlab offers SPE Columns to our customers, which have silica-based, organic copolymer or iroganic chemical based SPE columns.
filling material includes C18NH2C8, Alumina, GCBCNFlorisil,Si, SAX, SCX , PSA, PCX,PAX and so on. Column capacities consist of 
1, 3, 6, and 10 ml sizes, etc. Our manufacturing process minimizesvariability and improves recovery and cleanup procedures. SPE 
products have the following several characteristics



  • Available in a range of packing media
  • The quality sorbents for consistent results
  • With viarious packing, ensure better selectivity 

Ordering Information

Cat. No. Description Mass Volume Package (pcs/pk)
SCC181001 C18 100mg 1ml 100
SCC182003 200mg 3ml 50
SCC185003 500mg 3ml 50
SCC185006 500mg 6ml 30
SCC1810006 1000mg 6ml 30
SCC18N1001 C18-ne 100mg 1ml 100
SCC18N2003 200mg 3ml 50
SCC18N5003 500mg 3ml 50
SCC18N5006 500mg 6ml 30
SCC18N10006 1000mg 6ml 30
SCC81001 C8 100mg 1ml 100
SCC82003 200mg 3ml 50
SCC85003 500mg 3ml 50
SCC85006 500mg 6ml 30
SCC810006 1000mg 6ml 30
SCCN1001 CN 100mg 1ml 100
SCCN5003 500mg 3ml 50
SCCN10006 1000mg 6ml 30
SCPSA1001 PSA 100mg 1ml 100
SCPSA5003 500mg 3ml 50
SCPSA5006 500mg 6ml 50
SCPSA10006 1000mg 6ml 30
SCNH21001 NH2 100mg 1ml 100
SCNH22003 200mg 3ml 50
SCNH25003 500mg 3ml 50
SCNH25006 500mg 6ml 30
SCNH210006 1000mg 6ml 30
SCSAX1001 SAX 100mg 1ml 100
SCSAX5003 500mg 3ml 50
SCSAX5006 500mg 6ml 30
SCSCX1001 SCX 100mg 1ml 100
SCSCX5003 500mg 3ml 50
SCSCX5006 500mg 6ml 30
SCSI1001 Silica 100mg 1ml 100
SCSI5003 500mg 3ml 50
SCSI10006 1000mg 6ml 30
SCFL1001 Florisil 100mg 1ml 100
SCFL5003 500mg 3ml 50
SCFL5006 500mg 6ml 30
SCFL10006 1000mg 6ml 30
SCALA1001 AL-A 100mg 1ml 100
SCALA5003 500mg 3ml 50
SCALA10006 1000mg 6ml 30
SCALB1001 AL-B 100mg 1ml 100
SCALB5003 500mg 3ml 50
SCALB10006 1000mg 6ml 30
SCALN1001 AL-N 100mg 1ml 100
SCALN5003 500mg 3ml 50
SCALN10006 1000mg 6ml 30
SCGCB2503 GCB 250mg 3ml 50
SCGCB5003 500mg 3ml 50
SCGCB5006 500mg 6ml 30
SCPLS0603 PLS 60mg 3ml 50
SCPLS1506 150mg 6ml 30
SCPLS2006 200mg 6ml 30
SCPLS5006 500mg 6ml 30
SCPLS5012 500mg 12ml 20
SCPCX0603 PCX 60mg 3ml 50
SCPCX1506 150mg 6ml 30
SCPCX2006 200mg 6ml 30
SCPCX5012 500mg 12ml 20
SCPCX10020 1000mg 20ml 20
SCPAX0603 PAX 60mg 3ml 50
SCPAX1506 150mg 6ml 30
SCPAX5012 500mg 12ml 20
SCPAX10020 1000mg 20ml 20


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