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MicroFil™ Syringe Filter
17 and 33mm Syringe Filters designed with a layer of GF prefilter ideal for filtering the solutions with a high load of particulate matter and to speed up and increase sample volume throughput while reducing thumb pressure.  All the Syringe filters are well packed, with competitive price filters. The membranes including Nylon, CA, MCEPESPTFEPVDF, GF, Regenerated Cellulose(RC) and PP. All with HPLC certification. 

Why choose Microfil™ Syringe Filter
  Fetures and benifits:
  • Color coding: Easier to tell the filter membrane 
  • Larger filtration areas: ( bigger than 33mm) Increased sample throughout 
  • Added sample distribution ring: Improved membrane flows.
  • High resolutions print: Easier to tell the pore size of filter. 
  • Better membrane media: Improved membrane flow rates.
  • GF Perfilter Design: Better for solutions with a high load of particulate matter.
  • Minimum sample hold-up: Syringe Filters’ housings are specifically designed to maximize sample recovery 

  • HPLC sample preparation 
  • Content uniformity 
  • Removal of protein precipitates                          
  • Dissolution testing 
  • Environmental samples          
Parameters 17mm 33mm
Filtration area (cm2) 1.65 4.9
Normal Pore Size(μm) 0.22 0.45 0.22 0.45
Holdup volume (μl) <20 <100
Sample volume (ml) <20 <120
Inlet/Outlet Female luer lock/Male luer slip
Maximum Operating Temperature 50°C 50°C
Maximum Operating Pressure (psi) >87 >87

Order Information
Cart No. Description Packing Online Price
S17NY022M Nylon Syringe Filter,17mm, 0.22μm 100pcs/pk $51.09
S17NY045M Nylon Syringe Filter,17mm, 0.45μm 100pcs/pk $51.09
S33NY022M Nylon Syringe Filter,33mm, 0.22μm 100pcs/pk $72.15
S33NY045M Nylon Syringe Filter,33mm, 0.45μm 100pcs/pk $72.15
S17PTB022M PTFE Syringe Filter,17mm, 0.22μm, Hydrophobic 100pcs/pk $66.52
S17PTB045M PTFE Syringe Filter,17mm, 0.45μm, Hydrophobic 100pcs/pk $66.52
S33PTB022M PTFE Syringe Filter,33mm, 0.22μm,Hydrophobic 100pcs/pk $85.80
S33PTB045M PTFE Syringe Filter,33mm, 0.45μm,Hydrophobic 100pcs/pk $85.80
S17PTL022M PTFE Syringe Filter,17mm, 0.22μm, Hydrophilic 100pcs/pk $86.97
S17PTL045M PTFE Syringe Filter,17mm, 0.45μm, Hydrophilic 100pcs/pk $86.97
S33PTL022M PTFE Syringe Filter,33mm, 0.22μm, Hydrophilic 100pcs/pk $111.15
S33PTL045M PTFE Syringe Filter,33mm, 0.45μm, Hydrophilic 100pcs/pk $111.15
S17PVB022M PVDF Syringe Filter,17mm, 0.22μm, Hydrophobic 100pcs/pk $65.52
S17PVB045M PVDF Syringe Filter,17mm, 0.45μm, Hydrophobic 100pcs/pk $65.52
S33PVB022M PVDF Syringe Filter,33mm, 0.22μm,Hydrophobic 100pcs/pk $85.8
S33PVB045M PVDF Syringe Filter,33mm, 0.45μm,Hydrophobic 100pcs/pk $85.8
S17PVL022M PVDF Syringe Filter,17mm, 0.22μm, Hydrophilic 100pcs/pk $86.97
S17PVL045M PVDF Syringe Filter,17mm, 0.45μm, Hydrophilic 100pcs/pk $86.97
S33PVL022M PVDF Syringe Filter,33mm, 0.22μm, Hydrophilic 100pcs/pk $111.15
S33PVL045M PVDF Syringe Filter,33mm, 0.45μm, Hydrophilic 100pcs/pk $111.15
S17PES022M PES Syringe Filter,17mm, 0.22μm 100pcs/pk $65.52
S17PES045M PES Syringe Filter,17mm, 0.45μm 100pcs/pk $65.52
S33PES022M PES Syringe Filter,33mm, 0.22μm 100pcs/pk $85.8
S33PES045M PES Syringe Filter,33mm, 0.45μm 100pcs/pk $85.8
S17CA022M CA Syringe Filter,17mm, 0.22μm 100pcs/pk $51.09
S17CA045M CA Syringe Filter,17mm, 0.45μm 100pcs/pk $51.09
S33CA022M CA Syringe Filter,33mm, 0.22μm 100pcs/pk $72.15
S33CA045M CA Syringe Filter,33mm, 0.45μm 100pcs/pk $72.15
S17RC022M RC Syringe Filter,17mm, 0.22μm 100pcs/pk $86.97
S17RC045M RC Syringe Filter,17mm, 0.45μm 100pcs/pk $86.97
S33RC022M RC Syringe Filter,33mm, 0.22μm 100pcs/pk $111.15
S33RC045M RC Syringe Filter,33mm, 0.45μm 100pcs/pk $111.15
Note: other special Pore Size are available. 

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