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Nylon Roll Membrane
Microlab Nylon66 Roll Membranes have various pore sizes ranges from 0.1μm to 5.0μm, the width is 280mm.

Features and Benefits
  • Naturally hydrophilic
  • With imported non-textile supporting bolster, good resilience, torn-up tolerance and durability.
  • Wide chemical compatibility range: applies to water solvent and most organic solvent, especially to filtration of alkalinity and alcohol solvents
  • Good mechanical strength, and temperature tolerance, better endure low temperature than Nylon 6 membrane
  • Pure: negligible organic extractables

  • Purification and filtration of liquid and removal of particles
  • Filtration of various solvent and medication solvent
  • Filtration of corrosion-resistance amentia
  • Ultimate filtration of ink

Membrane Hydrophilic Nylon66
Color White
Filter Surface Plain
Thickness, μm 100-120
Pore Size, μm 0.1, 0.22, 0.45, 1.0, 3.0, 5.0
Maximum Operating Pressure 75℃
pH 6~13
Flow Rate(25℃ Δp = 0.07 Mpa  (mL/min/cm2)
0.22 μm 2.5
0.45 μm 8
Bubble Point
0.22 μm 0.28Mpa 
0.45 μm 0.18Mpa

Order Information
Catalog No. Description
MNY280022 Nylon membrane, pore size:0.22μm,280mm*70m
MNY280045 Nylon membrane, pore size:0.45μm,280mm*70m

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